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Discover our Pool Patios & Deck

The NewGen Company not only pays close attention to details seen by the naked eye, but also beneath the surface.
Why are some pools and spas gorgeous and some seem so lacking in panache? The answer lies not only with the pool, but with the surroundings. The harmonizing of elements creates a breathtaking environment drawing much deserved attention to your pool or spa. This does not happen by accident. Integrating water with its hardscape and landscape environment are some of the essentials in working towards the goal of gorgeous outdoor space. Some other key features for your custom design are vistas that are created from different areas around the pool, garden paths between patio spaces and giving water features a more natural feel through the use of moss rock boulders. The NewGen Company’s designers are passionate about your lifestyle and work to accommodate you accordingly though design enhancement. Only a well thought out design can provide the essential elements that integrate the water and land into a pleasing whole.